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2 To Go

I sit in the chair that has become very familiar to me over the past two months. We got great news this morning. Our COVID tests were negative, and the Bahamian government approved our health visas! That means less than 48 hours from the time I'm writing this, the Hendricksons should (can't say "will" because of the era we are living in) be deployed to Marsh Harbour, Abaco, The Bahamas. We are ready. We moved out of the famous 8 Falkirk on June 13th. We spent a month with Jerry at 108 Poplar Ridge, visited my brother in Washington state, spent a week with the Hayes in Colorado , 4 weeks at MTI making more friends moving around the world and learning how to live cross-culturally, another 2 weeks with Jerry and now the past 2 months here at Aunt Weezie's and Uncle John's.

It has been a strange 2 months. We found a good church in Christ Church VB, and visited First Pres Orlando a few weeks. We've spent time with Carrie's parents, looking for a 1 story place for them to live, taking sewing, and art classes, and learning Mah Jong. We've made some connections with some friends and supporters here in Vero. We've learned more than we care to know about shipping containers.

It's strange matter how much I think I've prepared, I always feel like I'm running around trying to get things done. But it seems like it's finally over. We've loaded our container (praying that it actually moves from the place we left it), agreed to sell the van, rented a 12 passenger van for our drive to Miami on Wednesday morning.

Pray for us. We are actually slightly concerned about our container. Pray for Abaco. Pray for all The Bahamas as they try to re-open their tourism industry while containing the spread of the virus. Let us know how to pray for you.

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