The Caribbean Youth Network has been doing ministry in the Bahamas for 20 years. The purpose of the CYN is to serve as an international mission organization, fostering the planting, partnering, and networking of relational, Christ-centered youth ministry. The goal is that youth can be introduced to the Gospel and grow into a mature relationship with Christ.

The Hendricksons

After years in student and music ministry, Barrett sought more training for his worship leadership and started to attend Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, to pursue his MDiv. It did not take long in his studies for him to discern God's calling to another type of ministry. The three aspects that continued to show themselves were cross-cultural, family ministries, and church planting. The Hendricksons grew closer with missionary friends in North Africa, and visited them to get a sense of cross-cultural ministry. Barrett studied historical methods of training families to raise children to make their faith their own. Barrett and Carrie took an intensive Church Planting course at RTS to help them discern that possibility.

In August, 2019, Barrett and Carrie were asked to join the Bahamas Youth Network's leadership kickoff training weekend in Nassau as facilitators. They also knew that there was a need to expand the ministry of CYN and BYN on different islands.

They visited Abaco to look at the possibility of joining CYN as ministry staff in Marsh Harbour, and work alongside Gabe and Jan Swing expanding the BYN on Abaco. They would also be involved with growing the Kirk of the Pines to a place where it was no longer considered a Church plant. Having thought they had their minds made up, they left Marsh Harbour on August 21...

The Storm

On September 1st, Hurricane Dorian leveled the community, quite literally.  It came with 185 MPH sustained winds, 23 feet of storm surge and 30 plus hours of fury.  90% of the homes were destroyed.  Businesses and infrastructures were decimated as well.  There are 70 confirmed deaths and still hundreds more missing who may never be found.  Out of necessity, 90% of the surviving residents evacuated to Nassau or The United States. Many may never return, and who can blame them, when there is nothing to return to: No homes for shelter, no jobs for income, no schools to attend and no community.  Yes, the destruction was overwhelming, but the part that was so unique about this disaster was the way the entire community scattered across the globe.  

What has happened in the months since?  A few have returned to try and salvage a life on Abaco.  Many have relocated to Nassau, and others have found a home elsewhere.  There have been a few miracles that God has revealed to us along the way.  One was the protection of our new Kirk of the Pines church building. It took the small congregation 9 years to complete this place of worship.  While other structures all around crumbled under the storm, the church was only missing a few shingles and had only one cracked window.

Having been invited by Gabe to lead worship at the Kirk for their first service since the storm, Barrett visited in November and was convinced that the Lord is calling them to Abaco.

The Future

Having sensed a call to join CYN and Kirk of the Pines, we are pursuing that call by raising a team of supporters. We have substantial needs to be met before we join the team in the Bahamas. 

The Board of the CYN has hired us on as staff in roles of student ministry, and family ministry. The Kirk of the Pines is awaiting our arrival to help replant the Kirk in the coming months. Would you join us by praying for us, supporting us financially and emotionally as we prepare to make this transition to our new ministry? Fill out our Support Card below, or visit our Support page for more information.