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About Us

The Hendrickson family began on September 8, 2001. After a typical Christian College experience, Barrett and Carrie got married. They started out in a small apartment working in student ministry, eating frozen pizzas and Oreos until they bought their first home, which they dubbed "Stopornot Manor." They successfully grew an amaryllis and kept a dog alive before making the bold decision to grow their family. Cortina, Paisley, and Soren replaced the flower and dog. The family grew when Marissa (Pete) joined full-time in 2016. We are a proud Chaco's-in-all-situations family.

In the years since 2001, the Hendricksons have continued to believe that the Lord has called them into ministry, Barrett and Carrie have pursued this call by working with students, the children joining them as they all seek to show people the light of Christ, and how faith in Him is an essential to a full life, to the glory of God.

When the Caribbean Youth Network and Kirk of the Pines called, they knew this was the place for them to continue seeking to reach new people with the love of Christ.


We'd love for you to partner with us as we continue our ministry in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.


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Barrett was born at an early age on February 17, 1980. Throughout his early years he enjoyed soccer, airplanes, City Slickers, and breaking doors.  He is a proud graduate of Penn Hills High School class of 1998. Sensing a call to ministry he attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, where he met the incomparable Carrie Robinson. After graduating with a degree in student ministries, Barrett worked at Hebron Church in Penn Hills for 18 years in student, worship, and missions ministries.  He eventually realized an MDiv from Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando would help him in ministry and will graduate in 2020. Barrett is a devout fan of Newcastle United, travel, and his family. He enjoys time on the road, whether biking, running, or travelling. He does not have a favorite number.



Carrie, born on March 13th, 1980, grew up loving art, photography and graphic design. After meeting Barrett at Geneva College she felt a call into student ministries and after graduating, she and Barrett got married and started working full time in ministry.   Carrie  worked at Hebron Church in Penn Hills for 18 years in student ministry. She loves hanging out with students, training leaders, and having discipleship meetings. She is a self-proclaimed coffee snob and loves afternoon coffee time.  She loves to explore nature, swimming, traveling, a good cup of coffee and spending time with her family. She is very capable of driving a manual transmission, and has more (confirmed) traffic violations than anyone else in the family. Her favorite activity is listening to non-eastern Pennsylvanians try to pronounce  the name her mother gave her.


Marissa Kotanichek is the oldest and newest child of the Hendrickson family. She is affectionately known as Pete because of her normal, resting stance which resembles the boy that never wanted to grow up, as well as her status as a Hendrickson. She was born October, 22, 1998, and joined as a full-time member of the Hendricksons in 2016. She, like the other two adults before her, studied student ministry at Geneva College and graduated December 2020. Pete likes coffee, Instagram, staying out later than Barrett wants to stay up, and discipling students. She has recently joined the staff of Memorial Park EPC in Allison Park, PA, in the student ministry department. She is also able to drive a manual transmission automobile.


Cortina, the first-born, was born July 13, 2006. She immensely enjoyed the first 21 months, where she was an only child. Since becoming a big sister she has learned how to be the responsible one in the family, oftentimes taking care of the homemaking. She watches over her little sister, and brother often times, making them the best grilled cheese sandwiches anyone could ask for.

Cortina loves to sit at the sewing machine, creating headbands, and little creatures out of leftover fabric. Her incredible baking skills provide the payment to her father for his faithful cleaning up of the kitchen after her. She loves to read books, and often blows straight through novels, requiring us to take many trips to the local library.


Paisley loves her family. The first time she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she responded, "like my mommy." She has become a very good right back on the soccer pitch, but can also cover the left side if needed. She's a tough girl, having lost her first tooth via a "head over handlebars" incident when all the neighbors were watching. We think she did it to get a Popsicle.

Now her aspirations are to help other people. She still desires to be like her mom, helping in ministry, but has now progressed to the point where she claims she'd like to be a teacher or a professor. We're not quite sure what she wants to profess, yet, but our best guess it that she likes the look of leather elbow patches on tweed. She was born April 22, 2008.



Soren was born November 16, 2010, the third born of the Hendrickson children. He is full of energy and likes Beyblades (spinning, fighting tops). He loves to tell a lot of jokes and is always wanting to hear a good one as well.  He is the spitting image of his father and acts a lot like him too. 

Soren aspires to be a comic book writer. He has already written a few books about WIldman, and his nemesis Evil Wildman. Wildman doesn't have powers but he steals Evil Wildman's powers and uses them to defeat his enemy. Soren has also based a few characters on his parents, Dadman, who has super strength and Super Mom who can shoot Keto Pancakes out of her hands. 

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