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40, a Different Busy & an Encouraging Evening

This week I turnt 40. When I was in High School, there was a group of us that would constantly go to Jerry's and watch the classic Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, & Bruno Kirby classic, City Slickers. The whole movie starts with Mitch turning 40. I told one of my friends that this week, and he was

floored at how old that makes us. Now that we are all living in the states for the next few months, it has been suggested that we go on a cattle drive. We'll see. It has been fun remembering that movie this week, and I've been trying to find time to rent and watch it (we've recently put all our movies in storage), but life has just replaced busy with a different busy.

That former busy was school work. That went away on Wednesday, when I pushed send on my last research paper. I'll give you the quick synopsis...Preterism is trying to thread a really narrow needle. Before I finished, I thought, "after I hit this send button, then what?" I posted that question to my class Facebook page, and 5 former classmates reminded me of ordination exams. I asked Carrie and she reminded me of support raising. See, busy is just replaced with a different busy.

Thursday we got to spend the evening with 8 Bahamians at Hebron's meet the missionary event, as they are here for CCO's Jubilee this weekend. Wednesday afternoon, Carrie and I got to talk to them about our plans, and were encouraged by their excitement for us. Then at the evening itself, we were thrilled to hear their testimonies, and how the BYN has encouraged their walk with Christ. We also got to talk to some more people who have joined our support team. I never envisioned I would be a support raiser, but it has been a great exercise of faith for us. That evening was such an encouragement as our kids got to know some of the Bahamian students as well.

Paisley playing games with the Bahamians

Soren telling the Bahamians stories

So much more happened this week, that I will write about later. But remember the secret of life is just one thing...everything else don't mea...nevermind.

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