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I'm kinda procrastinating as I write this. I've finished my reading. I've already listened to three lectures for this week. I've got the last one loaded, my headphones are in, and I'm hesitant to hit the right pointing arrow. 41:48 is at the right end of the timeline. With the help of modern technology that's all a 1:19:25 lecture is at 1.9 speed. Plus, the magical Podcast Addict app eliminates dead space, so it will be less than that 41:48.

I'm sad. I don't want to hit the button. I remember August of 2015, walking down the street from my in-law's to their pool; anxious, excited; ready to listen to Dr. Anderson's first lecture in Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies. Here we are 4.5 years later, sad to finally be finished with Anderson, Belcher, Fortson, Swain, Futato, Reeves, Cara, Muether, and Duncan. No more trips to campus to hear Allen, Glodo, Reid, Lanier, Coffield, Osborne, and Kirk. This is it. 42 minutes left of my favorite rocking chair, which we bought for our second anniversary, assuming it was made of cotton. Then a final, a paper, a graduation fee, and I will be done.

The Lord has made it very clear to us that his plan was much larger than what we thought we were getting into. I started seminary to be a better worship leader. It didn't take long to realize that that was not the end for me. He is calling us to new places, new roles, and new ministry opportunities. Thanks to everyone who has walked with us in this time at school. Thanks to Hebron for helping fund my education. Thanks to my kids who have faithfully gone to bed at 8 every night so Dad could get his homework done. I'll miss my lectures. I'll miss my chair. But we are on to the next project: raising support to share my life, my education, my faith, and my family with the people of Marsh Harbour.

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Feb 17, 2020

Standing with you in prayer, Hendrickson Family and excited to see God’s plan unfold. Standing with Ken and Nancy as well and praying for your dad’s complete healing 💜🙏

Gail & Jan Nelson

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