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We got to go to a wedding this weekend! I've shared this picture a few times over the years. These pictures are the same two people taken 16 years apart. Tori was one of our students, and has grown into an incredible woman, who leads one of our girls small groups (I've already written more about her than she'd appreciate). She got married last week. As soon as we walked into the reception, we were greeted by some of our students from years ago. It's awesome to catch up with them, and realize how long we've been at it.

Carrie with Lauren & Jess

However, the most striking time came a few hours later when the dancing got rolling. Tori, like the great small group leader she is, invited her small group of girls. As I was taking a break from cutting the rug, I looked out on the dance floor and was just amazed at the sight. Dancing. The dancers had no idea what was happening, but I was awestruck. There were our students...30 years old, and 15 years old, dancing together. They didn't know each other, but they were all invited by the bride. They most likely didn't even introduce themselves to each other, but there they were, dancing side-by-side. Like I said in my last post, I feel like I'm on a Farewell Tour, so I'm a bit more sentimental than normal, but, man, I was blessed to be there at that moment, able to see 18 years of ministry. I can't wait to see how God uses all of these students. We've already seen fruit in our first students, and are excited to watch how the Lord continues to raise up his church, both here in Penn Hills, and where ever they scatter, and our future students on Abaco.

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