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That Didn't Take Long

8 Falkirk Drive has been a wonderful host for the past 6 years. When we first moved here, my priority was to have at least 2 toilets in the house. Even with the kids being 3, 6, and 9, the old place was starting to have a queue form outside the bathroom in the morning. When we found this place, I was excited that Carrie and I had our own bathroom.

Then, when we moved in we learned the toilets were the least of benefits. The house was great and all, but the best thing about this house is the street. It didn't take long for one neighbor to get our phone numbers and print everyone on the street an updated directory. Our neighbors are the best. We have an annual Easter Egg Hunt, which really means we put candy in plastic eggs and scatter them all over the yards. We throw multiple block parties a year. And it didn't matter who else we invited. Everyone was always welcome. We've had the police called because one of us was a DJ and he was playing the music too loud. We've had movie nights, an outdoor Superbowl party, sledding, birthdays, barbecues. Falkirk Drive is an incredible street.

When Carrie and I decided to invite a bunch of families to lunch after church every Sunday afternoon, no one complained that there was an extra 15 cars parked on the street. They all embraced the hospitality we were showing, because the Falkirk neighbors are so hospitable. They would catch our dog when she ran away and put her back on the leash. The kids always had playmates. The street is a flat cul-de-sac in Penn Hills. We can and do walk to the elementary school. Honestly, it is the perfect place for a family.

Thursday, thinking we wanted to get a jump on the selling market, Carrie and I signed the papers to sell the house. We knew it would have to happen, but the reality that we would be leaving Falkirk was difficult. Today, we accepted an offer on the house. It has been incredibly clear to us that the Lord is calling us to Abaco, and this is more evidence of that. 5 days on the market, a gorgeous Sunday for an open house, where there are 15 showings, 4 showings outside that open house, and an excellent offer made. It has been incredible to be the Hendricksons, and to watch how the Lord is clearly directing us to Abaco. But it will be sad to leave this mission field. I love my street, and I soon will no longer be able to boast "I choose Penn Hills."

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