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Update from Carrie

Update. The thought of that word is very, well, overwhelming. The reality of life is that it is extremely busy, good, sad, joyful, hopeful, waiting, life changing, full of God moments, full of mixed emotions and many other conflicting thoughts and feelings. As always our days are full and we see God at work in so many ways. Let's update on seeing God at work.

First, my family. My dad (pops) has been in the hospital since Monday and will likely be in for a while. After many questions and many of you praying for answers, we still don't know what is going on. My dad has been having seizure like activity. No, they don't know why, or much else, we are waiting for answers. We see God in new doctors, we see God in nurses, we see God in keeping both of my parents safe when there aren't answers.

Pops hooked up to his EEG.

God is good.

Second, moving. We have been in the process of getting rid of stuff. It sounds wonderful and in some ways it is, but it is also really hard. Saying goodbye to stuffed animals, books, a piano and toys has been a teary process. Also, not knowing what our new home on Abaco will look like has made it hard to make decisions about what to keep and what to give away. We see God in people willing to love "foster" stuffed animals. We see God with us being patient with the kids and their emotions. We see God in the cleaning and processing through leaving our home.

Soren helping wash the windows to sell the house.

God is good.

Third, meetings. We have partner meetings (asking people to partner with us in prayer and finances) most days. This means, missing putting the kids to bed, eating whatever (and whenever) we can find, and asking people to drive, clean and do a lot of things for us. We see God in the humbling process of asking. Asking people around us to be part of the process. We see God in meeting with people in the way they speak encouragement, wisdom and love into our lives. We see God in the questions that are asking and the love that we have received.

Abaco grocery store watermelon

God is good.

Fourth, work. I sat at Denny's late on a Sunday night after youth group and a student who does not attend youth group anymore was there with a group of friends. I was overtaken by emotion. 18 years at Hebron, lots of students, so many that I don't know where they are or what they are doing. So many that I don't know if God is Lord of their lives and I live with an overwhelming desire for them to know Jesus. I see God in the beautiful joy that changed lives don't depend on me. He is the one that softens hearts, calls people to himself and changes lives.

Students late night at Denny's

God is good.

Fifth, school. 4.5 years Barrett has plugged away at school. Giving up many, if not all hobbies and free time. The sacrifice has been felt by him and us as we tried to be faithful to the call of him being a student. He has 3 more weeks of his last class. We are all tired of school and seems like the last class is taking forever. We see God in the way he has provided in time and resources over the past 4 years. I have seen God change, call and mold Barrett in amazing ways over the time in school.

Barrett cheering on the kids to slide down the ice steps

God is good.

There is more to update, friends, walking hardships with others, the people in Marsh Habour, the constant surrendering, the call on our lives, the kids, the leaving and so much more, but for now 5 areas where I see God seems manageable. All the time remembering...

God is good.... all the time..... God is good.

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