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A Week of Meetings

Our first week of meetings was very full. Sunday we met with our sending team and broke into more specific groups: Communication, Encouragement, Financial, Prayer, and Logistics. After some wavering by some of those members as to which group to commit to, we are set and running with our responsibilities. Monday morning we met with our bosses at Hebron to talk about rolling out our plan to the church. Monday evening we got together with college friends to make our presentation. Having some experience with sending missionaries before, they had some ideas that we will be bringing to our logistics teams. By the time we got home, we were outed on Facebook, but that's ok, because we were planning on doing it anyway.

Tuesday night Carrie had her youth leaders meeting where she informed them of our plans, while I met with some more friends. Wednesday was full with Middle School ministry, while I got to catch up on some homework. Thursday we had 2 meetings, Friday 1, and tonight, Saturday, we celebrated our sister-in-laws 2nd 39th birthday.

This morning, Carrie took the students to Pitcare to do some work cleaning the library. I got to worship in a funeral. I love good funerals. They are so full of hope, and promise, and reflection of what God has done through his people. This was a good funeral, as we were reminded the benefits of adoption.

Since it was such a nice day we figured we could do some outside work on the house. A few months ago while Gordon was sitting on the back porch, he offered to power wash out north facing siding, for he had just acquired a power washing extend-o-pole. Today seemed like a great day to do that.

You can pray for Carrie as I head to Orlando for my last visit for classes. She will continue to hold down the fort with the kids and work and new work, while I only have to fend for myself. It will be bittersweet for me. I love my classes, but I am certainly ready to be done. I also have meetings with my brother, who is visiting friends at Disney, and some other important people whom I am looking to get to know better. Enjoy worship tomorrow.

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