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First Meetings

This proposition of moving to Abaco is a daunting task, but we've begun in earnest. Way back in August, when we planned our Christmas vacation, we planned on Carrie and the kids driving to Florida, while Barrett stayed at home to lead worship through Christmas Eve. He would take that time, to get ahead on his classes as he looked to finish early. Plans changed. Carrie and the kids did leave Thursday the 19th for Vero Beach, but Barrett's free time was filled with laying a floor in the entry, washroom, and kitchen as we look to prepare to sell the house. Marissa's boyfriend, Hunter Mitlo (Huntsman Projects) was of great help, as Barrett could lay the floor, but Hunter made all the fancy cuts. In the evenings, Barrett would work on the new Hendrickson Mission website.

Old floor on the right, new on the left

Carrie did not have just a simple vacation. Her first day in Vero included a support raising meeting with some of her parent's friends. She was successful as we gained new teammates that we did not know before.

Barrett joined the rest of the family on Christmas day, and brought the sun to Florida with him. We got to play a lot of miniature golf, shuffleboard and pool games. We had a lovely Christmas ham, and mac & cheese dinner with the Robinson family around the pool.

Cousin Christmas

You may have noticed that our website pictures are from Iceland, which is kinda ironic considering we are moving to the Bahamas. We'll have new, more climate appropriate ones coming, as we had a family photography session while in Vero...although it was really hard to take a bad picture in Iceland.

Friday it was raining, so we got in the van and started to head north, toward home. We had an appointment scheduled for breakfast on Saturday in Davidson, NC with our new partners Gabe and Jan Swing, and their daughter, Grace. Carrie and the kids have never met them before. It was a great morning, as we sat and got to know each other over breakfast. The kids got to ask questions about the island. Grace was generous with her time and knowledge with them, as she understands what it is like being a kid moving to and then growing up in the Bahamas. Jan gave Carrie some pointers for packing, which is a major stress point for Carrie. We said our "see you laters" and headed north on 77 for home. After a quick unpack and publicity strategy meeting, we went to sleep to prepare for worship on Sunday. After worship we had a great lunch meeting with our great friends from Colorado who were so eager to hear of our new endeavor.

We continue to meet with people to garner support, as well as get the publicity out. You can pray for us as we devise a strategy for unveiling our plan to Hebron. We are also headed to Passion in Atlanta this week with 27 other young people. Pray that God stirs their hearts as we worship with tens of thousand other college age students. Pray for the speakers and bands as they lead those thousands to the feet of Christ. Pray that Barrett get's all his work done for school. As always, let us know how we can pray for you by emailing us at If you haven't yet, please take the time to fill out our Supporter's Card below.

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