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What a week it was! After a quick unpack, wash, worship, pack, Carrie and I loaded up two 15 passengers and a minivan (not our new one) with 28 of us to drive to Atlanta. We left Hebron at 4:30 am and took the familiar 79S, 19S, 77S route to Charlotte, where we veered off of autopilot and took 85 to Atlanta for one of our favorite trips of the year. For years, we've been listening to Passion records, often swiping their songs for our own worship. In 2014, she and I decided we wanted to join the fun and signed up to be Doorholders for the conference geared towards 18-25 year olds. The very next year Hebron started taking students.

What an incredible time it was worshipping our Lord with 65,000 other people in the most state-of-the-art stadium in the world. They even opened the roof! We rung in the new year with Hillsong United in such a wonderful way, acknowledging the countdown, but really in a way that we just crescendo-ed into more worship at 0.

As awesome as it was to hear that 65,000 sing, we also got to experience that same number of people kneel and pray in silence, as we were directed in silent prayer.

As Carrie and I were reflecting, we remembered John Piper in 2014 mentioning that there were missionaries in the arena that day. We both heard him then, and failed to mention it to each other, and now, 6 years later, here we are...raising a team as we prepare to go to a people we are pretty unfamiliar with. Praise God.

Upon our return, we quickly planned a sending team meeting, where we established teams of people who will have specific jobs to help us get ready to go, support us while we are away, and even prepare us for our possible, eventual return. We are grateful for these families and their desire to reach the people of Abaco for Christ.

Our support raising continues, as we hit the 10% milestone tonight. It has been incredible to see the Lord's provision as we continue to seek the Lord's blessing on our ministry. We hope you'll join us as we aim to please the one who enlisted us by visiting our Support Page, filling out our questionnaire, and considering joining our team.

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